Fidonet Projects @ Sourceforge.Net
MAKENL_NG MakeNL New Generation, MakeNL nodelist compiler
HUSKY Husky Suite, Tosser, Ticker, Areafix, FTN library
FIDOIP FIDONet nodes and points automatic installation package
FTN Applications Provides a repository for FTN Applications, especially orphaned ones.
MFreq, VIREQ/X, CrashMail II, JamNNTPd, TinyTIC
Perl for FTN Systems repository of Perl scripts for use on Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN) systems
FTN::Packet | FTNDB | FTN::Database | FTN::JAM | FTN::Log | FTN::Nodelist /
GOLDED-PLUS GoldED Fidonet Mail Reader/Editor
auch: GOLDED+
HELLED HellEd, full-featured GUI FTN message editor
OpenXP OpenXP is a multi-protocol offline mail and news reader for the text console, supporting Internet email, Usenet, Fidonet, Zconnect, etc. It is based on CrossPoint (XP) by Peter Mandrella.
FIDOGATE FIDOGATE is a Fido-Internet gateway, a Fido FTN-FTN NetMail gateway, a Fido tosser, a Fido file processor/ticker, and a Fido Areafix/Filefix program (inactive)
FIDOGATE-DS FIDOGATE is a Fido-Internet gateway, a Fido FTN-FTN NetMail gateway, a Fido tosser, a Fido file processor/ticker, and a Fido Areafix/Filefix program
Ifmail Ifmail - Fidonet transport and gateway for UNIX platform
qico qico FTN mailer. Small, robust mailer (MTA) for FIDO and FIDO-like amateur networks.
RNtrack RNtrack (aka FTrack-AS) is a mail tracker/router for FidoNet-like networks. It has support for a popular message bases: MSG, PKT, Squish and JAM. Perl-scripting support does its work very flexible.
PointMaster Tool for managing pointlists in FTN-based networks (with pointlist editor)
Xenia Xenia - FidoNet technology mailer, editor and utilities
MultiMail Offline Reader MultiMail is an offline mail packet reader for Unix and other systems.
rss2fido RSS to FidoNet (rss2fido) by_Rain 27/09-2006g. The program is designed to track new items RSS and forming specially messages to FidoNet.
kubik FidoIP related software for fidonet (all in Russian language)
JEdPoint Modular Java Fidonet mail reader, writer, tosser, etc.
Radius FTN mailer This project has been merged into Argus SF project
QFE - Qt FTN Message Editor QFE is full-featured cross-platform FTN message editor with a graphical interface.
OpenXP 5 OpenXP 5 - a multi-protocol offline mail and news reader
OpenXP 5 is a multi-protocol offline mail and news reader for the text console, supporting internet email, Usenet, Fidonet, Zconnect, etc. It is based on OpenXP (, currently inactive) which is based on CrossPoint (XP) by Peter Mandrella. OpenXP 5 is capable of establishing SSL / TLS encrypted connections to POP3, SMTP and IMAP based servers.
Filin PLUS Fully-functional small and fast FTN (FIDOnet-Like) FileEchoProcessor
exAR+ is FTN-mailer for OS Windows This project is expiremental branch of Argus FTN Mailer, originally dev...
FMail The Fast Echomail Processor/tosser, for Fidonet Technology Networks
Meltdown BBS Meltdown BBS is a free, web-based Bulletin Board System written in PHP with a MySQL backend.
Walther-Fido package for BeOS A set of programs for working in FidoNet under BeOS.
BinkleyTerm XE BinkleyTerm is a freely available FidoNet compatible electronic mail interface and dumb terminal package.
Bonzo Bonzo is a Fidonet mail reader for 32bit Windows that is in need of a new developer.
ErrFlags Fidonet nodelist checker
Latest version is: ErrFl215.rar v2.15 dated 2012-12-30 (OLD Version)
but there are still some more fresh versions announced: v2.18, and in Errflags.zc2 info v2.20 and v2.21
see also revision v2.21 @ github
FTNDB Fidonet/FTN SQL Database processing application
FidoAccess library / SquishIndexer FidoAccess is a .NET assemble that provides classes to access FIDO-based messagebases like Squish, JAM, MSG for read
Fidonet Mail Access/Express for Delphi Fidonet Mail Access/Express for Delphi
Filemgr Filemgr a BBS file & .tic tosser
GAC Suite of BBS Doors Gac_Software. - All the GAC doors for bbs use.
Husky II Husky: Generation II
Itraxp Itraxp - is a FTN messages tracker, using Perl library of FTN functions based on the concept found in a popular Itrax program. Itraxp supported Jam, Squish, Msg, Pkt FTN bases.
JAM Message Base Library JAM is a popular messagebase format for storing Fidonet messages originally devised by Joaquim Homrighausen, Andrew Milner, Mats Birch and Mats Wallin. JAMLIB is a subroutine library for manipulating such messagebases.
JustTosser JustTosser
KitStat2 KittenMail Statistic Generator
MyPoint: A complete FidoNet point system MyPoint: A complete FidoNet point system (reader/editor/tosser/mailer) for DOS and Windows.
NLMake Project A project to fix the bugs in the NLMake nodelist compiler.
Nexus Bulletin Board System Nexus Bulletin Board System is a comprehensive, multi-user, multi-node BBS package.
Old AUXChat AUXChat has died, the source was lost, and the project was not finished.
Parma Tosser (ParToss) Parma Tosser is FTN echotosser for DOS, OS/2, Win32, Linux platforms.
RadiusFTN Radius FTN Mailer (mostly for FidoNet). Win32 Application. Delphi7. GUI.
Rtfm! FIDO mail editor Simple GUI FIDO message editor, client/server.
SBBS - Serenity - File Bulletin Generator Serenity is meant to replace Allfix (And Allfix like programs) and TinyTic to handle files that are received to your SBBS system and to hatch them out as well. It will also create an Allfile list as well.
SQLToss Project The SQLToss Project is for the creation of tools and methods to toss FidoNet echoes into/out of a MySQL Database.
SocialNet It's an SocialNetwork,designed to be friendly and easy to use.
Taurus FTN mailer FIDOnet technology GUI mailer
TheFix! TheFix! is FIDOnet areafix, filefix, DNS domain builder, downlink manager, Netmail routing generator
Turquoise SuperStat Turquoise SuperStat reads the contents of a Fidonet message area in one of its supported formats, or standard Usenet news spools, and creates statistics. Turquoise SuperStat supports Squish, *.MSG, FDAPX/w, JAM, MyPoint and tanstaafl's message area base format, and Usenet news groups, either via standard Usenet news spools, or over NNTP.
WaterGate Message processor for FidoNet & Internet/Usenet
andrbiz fido gate Database application allowing to gate messages from/to FIDONET.
bink4j Java port of BinkD TCP/IP fidonet mailer.
echoedit Echoedit is a full-featured FTN message editor with a graphical interface.
intersquish Fido internet mail, news gate
newed NewEd - FTN compatimle mail editor with gui and SQL based messagebase.
phpFidoNode phpFidoNode is a project intended to implement the basic Fidonet software functionality by using PHP language. Now, the main part of the project is phfito - PHP Fidonet Tosser written by Alex Kocharin.
pyfidonet An attempt at an implementation of the fidonet web app using django 1.3 FIDO projects Further FTN / Fido software projects at FIDO projects
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