Fidonet on Smartphones

There exist two packages for smartphones:

  1. HotDogEd
  2. AfterShock

Both packages exists for Android.
Below you'll find some links and infos for both packages:

For IOS (iphone) there is no known package that is running ftn software on iphone, but there is a workaround with JamNNTP.
See Fidonet on IOS



HotDogEd (1) HotDogEd (2) HotDogEd (3)
Pics: HotDogEd
HotDogEd documentation site HotDogEd Downloads
[19.07.2021] HotDogEd downloads page.
The page includes the HotdogEd FIDO package, HotdogEd NNTP package and the main HotDogEd apk link at Google play.

HotDogEd documentation
[29.09.2017] The home of HotDogEd (documentation) - a new development - with Fidonet plugin, usable on tablets and smartphones.
The website gives some infos around the software HotDogEd that includes an FTN editor, the mailer and tosser.

HotDogEd FAQ
[19.07.2021] HotDogEd's FAQ page.
frequently asked questions about HotdogEd.
List of HotDogEd point aware nodes HotDogEd point aware nodes
[29.09.2017] Listing of nodes that are point aware for HotDogEd.

Hardware keyboard navigation
Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts available when reading articles:

  1. - 'E' - Create new article.
  2. - 'Q' - Reply to auhtor.
  3. - 'N' - Reply to auhtor in another group.
  4. - 'C' - Edit article (to be used in Outgoing group).
  5. - 'F' - Forward article.
  6. - 'W' - Export article.
  7. - 'Z', space - page down or next article.
  8. - 'A' - page up or previous article.
  9. - Left/right - Previous/next message.



AfterShock (1) AfterShock (2) AfterShock (3) AfterShock (4)
Pics: AfterShock

AfterShock at Google Playstore

Download AfterShock
Download AfterShock (at google playstore)
  1. Download: AfterShock on Google Play
  2. Reference HotDogEd and AfterShock (in Russian):
  3. AfterShock description (in Russian):
  4. AfterShock description by the publisher: on Download CNET (with ads)
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